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"Drive web traffic, Increase conversion rate"

Integrated as a supplimentary component of your marketing plan to meet your business objectives, we have our services focused around converting your website and turn it into a lead generating & revenue generating tool.

People in these modern days tend to find any of their requirement, with a web search, be it a place, product or a service. Apart from these users recognizing your business as more credible, A higher search result ranking drives more traffic to your business website and provide more visibility in the marketplace.

We know the art to make your website be easire to be found both by users and search engines and be the right trusted resource to provide them right information/solutions and address their requirement.

We understand the search engine algorithms and always changing ranking factors that these search engines employ to rank your website in their web searches.
With web analytics you will gain insight into how and how much traffic comes to your website, the pages/links they visited, the pages/links that intersted them, etc. Web analytics and reporting provides you a better understanding, assessment, and opporunities to improve the effectiveness of your website.
With Web Analytics and Reporting, you can:
  • Identify and track conversions
  • Identify your visitor requirements (what they were looking for?)
  • Inentify possible improvements to your webiste/informaiton
  • Search Engine Marketing is online paid advertising where advertisements are displayed online, unlike traditional advertisements where they are displayed to one and everyone, SEM is a targeted marketing where the search engine providers display your ads only to those people who are interested or looking for buying products that you sell.

    SEM is extremely effective for many kinds of businesses, as long as there are right keywords backed with right advertisement and quality of your website, especially the landing page are of high quality.

    SEM can help you to get new web visitors/customers or/and increase your online sales. What encourages you more to use Search Enigne Marketing is that
  • The advertising campaigns are measurable, accountable and flexible
  • You get an insight into the campaign 24/7
  • Start, Pause or Stop any time
  • Advertise Locally or globally

  • Reach the right people at the right time.
    Social Media reflects your organizations value and reputation.

    We manage all your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and blogs) to gain appropriate audience and help you convert them as your customers.

    Reach out to millions of audience via Social Media, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These channels establishes a direct connect with your customers and lets them interact with you in real-time. Apart from being able to get attention of your customers, these social media channels can act as customer support platform to address any of the customer issues/queries and also as a public relations channel.

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